Your wedding is different?

So am I!

You don't want your wedding to be like everybody else's?

Traditions are okay but you prefer to do you?

You want to dance to Led Zeppelin rather than mainstream pop music?

You're gonna celebrate your love in an old barn or barefoot in the meadow with everybody around a bonfire?

Or are you even considering an elopement in the Scottish Highlands?


Then we gotta meet because my approach is to capture your love in a very individual and special way that is authentic and somewhere between romantic and Rock'n'Roll.

Pay what you can!

Sounds crazy, right? But I'm serious.


Travel and hotel costs are the only things that you have to pay. Other than that you can decide what you pay after you got your photos from me.


This special offer is limited to 3 weddings in 2018!

What can you expect?

I want to document your wedding which means that I want to capture you and your guests in an authentic way without posing or giving any directions. I'm a storyteller of the big and also of the small moments that you might miss on a day where so much happens. I create memories that you can bring back everytime you open your photobox or your album.


You can expect me to be invisible, almost like a ninja. I want to be just like any other guest so I can take photos of real and candit moments.


I'll be there for you the whole wedding day and if you need help beforehand then feel free to ask - I would love to help you with your preparations.


You will receive your photos in full resolution without a watermark and with all rights for private use.

What's the catch?

Not really a catch but three little things that help both you and me:


  1. Choose me as your photographer, because you like my photos and my style and not because of this special offer!
  2. Chemistry between you and me is key. So either we meet or we skype and talk about you and your plans and all the details. I want  it to be like between friends, not business partners.
  3. You allow me to use all the photos for my portfolio on my website, on Facebook, Instagram, ... and for advertising my wedding photography business.


So let's do this!


Write me an email or just use the following contact sheet.


I don't choose the couples based on how much they pay but how we get along and how their style and preferences are! That's why I'm looking forward to reading your emails with as much information and details about you and your wedding as possible.



Cheers // LEX

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